Psychoanalysis and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy 

Psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy involve regular meetings with a psychoanalytically trained professional with the goal of improved emotional and work-related functioning.  

Indications for this type of work include:

A desire for increased self-understanding/self-awareness

Feelings of ongoing dissatisfaction with one's work or personal relationships

Depression, anxiety states, difficulty sleeping

Social anxiety, withdrawal, persistent feelings of aloneness

Repeated relationship difficulties

Eating disorders, alcohol, and substance abuse

Confusion that impacts daily functioning

Inability to cope with a crisis, loss, or history of abuse


Psychodynamic Couples/Family Therapy 

Couples and Family psychodynamic therapy focuses on relationship patterns that occur within the family system--the system includes all current family members, as well as the history of each adult's earlier family experiences--to forge an understanding of how family members can change their part in the system, or maintain its unsatisfactory functioning.   

Indications for this work include:

Frequent conflict within the couple

Repetitive fighting and/or poor communication between generations in the family, marked by withdrawal, depressed, angry or self-destructive behavior on the part of either parents or children.

Conditions of significant strain within the family, for example:  medical or mental illness, separation, divorce, or death within the family.